[PODCAST] 005: Get Organized in 10 Minutes a Day

Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright shares tips on how to get organized in a short amount of time each day.

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This episode features Certified Professional Organizer Diane Albright from DianeAlbright.com who discusses how to get organized in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Show Notes

01:23 How Diane got involved in professional organizing

03:35 What the early days of NAPO were like

04:29 A brick and mortar store for organizers

06:18 The common organizing traps most businesses fall into 

06:39 Paper management

08:28 Highlights from Work Piles Made Easy

11:25 What you can do in 10 minutes or less to get organized

13:03 Tips for how to keep on track

14:58 Tips for organizing you receipts

17:37 An organizing horror story

21:10 What Diane speaks about

Diane is a Certified Professional Organizer and nationally recognized expert in the field of organization and productivity. She is the creator of Ten Minutes a Day to Organizing Success® and Work Piles Made Easy®.  Her website is www.DianeAlbright.com

Resources Mentioned in the podcast:

Work Piles Made Easy