[PODCAST] 004: On The Road With Ramona Creel

How to stay organized in a small space with Certified Professional Organizer Ramona Creel. Ramona discusses life on the road in an RV and must-have organization tips.

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This episode features Certified Professional Organizer Ramona Creel from RamonaCreel.com who discusses must-have tips for organizing and life on the road in a 200 square foot RV.

Show Notes

02:50 Ramona's background

03:34 Ramona's surprise when she visited her grandmother

05:37 Logistics of living in an RV

08:02 What is the A to Z of organizing? 

09:07 What is beneficence?

10:10 The client that had the $3000 surprise

15:10 Is professional organizing a good career?

16:28 How a professional organizer gets their first clients

18:12 Ramona's must-have organizing tips

18:41 How to deal with incoming paper

19:44 Trends in organizing

20:51 Ramona's organizing tip of the week

Ramona Creel is a Golden Circle member of of NAPO (the National Association Of Professional Organizers). These days, she travels the country as a full-time RVer — providing hands-on consultations, group workshops, teleseminars, virtual organizing services, and accountability coaching for those who want to bring their lives back into alignment with their true priorities. Her website is www.RamonaCreel.com

Resources Mentioned in the podcast:

A To Z's of Getting Organized

The Professional Organizers Bible