[VIDEO] Spring Cleaning Office Makeover

Spring is a great time to clean up and spruce up your office. Here are some quick things you can do to give your work space a makeover.

First – start in the file drawer. Take out any files you haven’t looked at in the past 3 months and decide whether you want to archive or recycle them.

For those files you want to keep, but don’t need immediate access to, place them in a bin or pile to file somewhere else.

Next assess the condition of your files. If you have any worn out files replace them with fresh new files from Smead.

Our FasTab hanging folders have built-in heavy-duty reinforced tabs that are permanently attached to the folder, no assembly required. Easy to label by either handwriting directly on the tab or applying self-adhesive labels. Plus you don’t need to worry about tabs falling off your files.

Adding colored files to your drawer will give you further organizing.

Finally, re-alphabetize your files and consider re-labeling for a uniform look. Smead Viewables can make this job quick and easy.

Now let’s move on to the desktop. Have some files you regularly use and need quick access to? A Smead stadium file or organized up vertical file box lets you keep important records right at your fingertips without having to reach into your file drawer.

Do you have desk pictures or other knick knacks that are out of date? Freshen up those pictures and get rid of the knick knacks to give your work space a fresh look – it will help inspire you!

Make sure you also clean out that pen cup. You’d be surprised at what’s been collecting in there.

If you have extra sticky notes consolidate them onto a to-do list or enter them into your electronic organizer. Now – make a quick purge of your overhead bins.

Once that desktop is clear, give it a quick wipe off and clean off your computer screen as well.

Take home any of those extra lunch containers and items that you stuffed in there to get out of your way. If you haven’t used something for 3 months toss it!

Your last stop is to evaluate your walls. Remove anything that is posted that is not needed.

That’s it – in this short time you’ve cleaned your files, desktop, your overhead bins, and walls. Now you are ready to enjoy spring.

Watch on Smead YouTube Channel: Spring Cleaning Office Makeover