[VIDEO] How To Be More Productive At Work Tomorrow

Productive work habits keep our bosses happy and our stress levels down. Taking 15 minutes at the end of each work day to do these 4 things can help you focus on the tasks at hand right away in the morning, instead of wasting an hour getting into the daily groove.

Productive Work Habit #1: Clear the decks

Start by clearing the desk of papers, files and supplies. Jot down notes with your last thoughts or actions on projects, so you can pick up easily where you left off. File away project and action folders that may have piled up during the day. Getting them back in place now will save time the next time they are needed.

Productive Work Habit #2: Contain new material

Make up new file folders for incoming projects, new resources, and client or vendor information. After getting all the material in the folder, file it appropriately.

Productive Work Habit #3: Write a To Do list

If you want to start the next day with a plan, then get the plan written now, while unfinished tasks, new priorities and lingering details are still fresh in your mind. Review your calendar for meetings and appointments that may require prep time. Noting your To-Do’s on either paper or in an electronic format will keep them handy and easy to find for review and updates the next day.

Productive Work Habit #4: Final email and voicemail check

Take a last scan for new email and voicemail messages that could impact the next day’s plan. Add any urgent tasks that arise from the messages to your To-Do list.

Using this end of day routine will help you start right in on your work the next day. You will stay organized and be able to focus on daily priorities. And just think how much more enjoyable your evenings and weekends at home will be when you know everything at the office is under control.

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