[VIDEO] Back to School Family Calendar Organization

As you gear up for another school year, you may be wondering how you are going to keep track of everyone’s activities. Keeping information for after-school clubs, sports and appointments on a family calendar is the simple way to keep track of family members’ schedules. All you have to do is find some colored pens and a calendar, then keep it updated and reference it frequently.

Our two favorite options for a family calendar are an oversized paper calendar or a large dry-erase board.

1. If you use an over-sized paper calendar, make sure the grids are large enough to write detailed information for events and appointments.

2. If you choose a dry-erase board, use a permanent marker to draw grid lines for five weeks. Now you’ve got the infrastructure to support the information you’ll be putting on your family calendar.

Assign a color to each family member.

1. Assign each member of your family a specific color pen or marker for their entries. Reserve red for appointments on the calendar involving the entire family.

2. Use a highlighter to note items requiring an early arrival or parental involvement such as school conferences or driving a car pool.

Update and review the calendar frequently.

1. Parents should update and review the family calendar daily. As your kids enter their later elementary years, involve them in a weekly review. This will remind them of important things such as game days or when you’ll be traveling with your job.

2. Older children should be encouraged to enter their own information on the calendar. They’ll have part-time jobs, sports schedules and other school activities they’ll need to manage. By keeping their information on the family calendar, everyone will have a central reference point for planning around increasingly busy schedules.

Staying organized with a family calendar is quick, easy, and will keep everyone on time and in the right place!

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