[VIDEO] Easy Ways To Track Travel Expenses


Traveling for work is something that many of us will do at some point. While traveling for work it is especially important to keep track of all expenses so that you can account for your spending and receive proper reimbursement. Follow these simple guidelines to stay on top of your expenses while traveling for work:

1. Create an email folder for travel and save all confirmation emails for airline, hotel, car rental and driving directions. It will be a handy reference point throughout your trip as well as when it comes time to turn in your expense report.

2. Create a travel file to use while traveling for work, like the Smead Travel Organizer. Label it with the date, place and purpose of trip.

3. Keep your travel file in your briefcase, computer case or other traveling bag. Get in the habit of putting it in the same pocket every time you are traveling for work. This way you’ll always know where it is.

4. At the end of the day, empty your pockets, briefcase, wallet and/or purse of all receipts. Make a note on each receipt that explains what it is for. These notes will only take a few minutes and will serve as a visual reminder weeks later when you’re trying to remember details for your expense report.

5. Track everything. Restaurants, hotels and airfare are the easy ones. But don’t forget to request receipts for parking expenses, coffee shops and taxis. Make note of non-receipt items such as tips.

6. Track your car mileage. When traveling for work with your own vehicle, you may qualify for reimbursement. The easiest way to track your miles is to keep a mileage log in the door/console of your vehicle. You can purchase an official log book from your local office supply store or you can keep a pad specifically designated for this purpose in your car. Be sure to include the date, place traveled to, purpose of the meeting and total round trip mileage.

These tips are simple but provide a great method for tracking expenses while traveling for work.

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