[VIDEO] How To Organize And Make An Effective Presentation

Do you need to make a presentation in front of people? We’ll show you how easy it is to organize and make an effective presentation whether you are in front of 2 or 2 hundred people.

Most people get nervous when they think about making a presentation –but that usually comes from the fear of failure. If you are prepared and organized your presentation will be effective and you can achieve success.

The first step is to know your audience and how will they benefit from the information that you will present. Put yourself in their shoes. What kinds of words or visuals will they respond favorably to? What are the main points you are trying to get across?

You will then need to choose a presentation style – will it be educational, informative, or motivational? That will depend on your objective. What do you want to do - teach, reveal, or have the audience take action as a result of your presentation.

Next you need to outline what you want to present. Try to distill your thoughts and ideas down to 3 or 4 main points. Research each of these points and provide supporting facts, stories, and information that your audience will resonate with. After you have written out your presentation you’ll then need to practice and internalize it. You don’t necessarily need to memorize it, but you should be able to freely and confidently talk about each of your points without having to read from a script.

It’s not a bad idea to do a “practice run” for a small and friendly audience who can give you feedback on your delivery and content.

Finally – spend some time with your eyes closed visualizing yourself making the presentation and getting the response you want whether it be applause or thanks. This is a technique used by professional speakers and will help prepare you for success.

You are ready for the big presentation. If you have taken an organized approach you will remember these steps:

* Know Your audience

* Choose your presentation style

* Create an outline

* Practice, Practice, Practice

* And… Visualize your success

Now you have nothing to fear – your next presentation will be a great success!

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