It’s So Easy to Fall in Love…with Organizing!

It’s So Easy to Fall in Love…with Organizing!

The task of getting organized can sometimes be overwhelming to those who don’t think of themselves as organizers. Some people love to have a place for everything, and everything in its place, and some people don’t.

But here’s the thing – being organized leads to being more productive and less stressed. When you know where everything is, how everything works and how everything fits together, you free up room in your mind, your day, and improve your general sense of well-being.

So stop making excuses and start getting organized! Here are a few of the most common reasons people give for not getting organized along with some ideas to overcome them:

Organizing stifles creativity!

We hear it all the time: “I’m a creative person and all my “stuff” inspires me.” Let’s be honest…a messy, disorganized work area causes stress and actually stifles creativity. Creativity is often a messy process, but being able to recover from the mess when you choose to do so is the mark of a professional.

The key to organizing for creative types is using a visual system so you can keep everything neat yet visible. There are hundreds of trendy organizing options available like baskets, trays, containers and boxes that are as beautiful as they are functional. Now that’s inspiring!

I don’t have time to be organized.

The truth is, it takes a lot less time and effort to be organized than it does to be disorganized. Disorganization takes more time than you can imagine and ensures that huge obstacles are always directly in the path of 'getting things done.' Getting and staying organized is not rocket-science. The systems and ideas, once learned, applied and practiced, can become as simple as brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

Spending just 5 minutes each day can be enough to make a real dent in those messy piles. You don’t have to do it all in one fell swoop!

I don’t know where to start.

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organizing your home? Not sure where to start? It really doesn't matter. The important thing is that you just start somewhere. Just by getting started, you're halfway there!

Start on a small scale and it will be a whole lot easier. For example, instead of starting with the entire house, commit to starting with one area. If you hate that pile of papers on your desk, start there. If you're getting stressed because you can't fit another item on the kitchen counter, than you've found the perfect starting point.

I don’t know how to get organized.

In this day and age we have access to so much information that there is no reason for not finding out how to do something. More often than not, when we say we don’t know how to do something, it really means we don’t want to do it.

You don’t have to be an expert or to do it as well as someone else. You just need the general knowledge that allows you to do what needs to be done, and remember that there is no one “best” way to be organized. Free yourself from the need to be perfect – do what works for you!

I don’t have enough space to be organized.

Getting organized in a small space can be a challenge. You must use every available space to help store things and organize your things. The key is to look at your space in a different way. For example, how about the top shelf of your closet? You may be able to install an additional level or two of shelving where you can store extra personal care items, bedding/linens or out-of-season clothing. Get the same kind of shelving for the bottom of your closet and you can use it for shoes or other small items.

For kitchen cupboards, get roll out baskets that can be attached to shelves. Pot lids can be stored in a rack that fits on the back of a cabinet door. The same goes for boxes of wax paper, aluminum foil and storage bags. Another space saving idea is to install a spice rack on the back of a cabinet door – you’ll have convenient access to your spices plus free up shelf space!

I have other interests rather than organizing—organizing isn’t fun

Most of us would rather be out having fun – and that’s exactly why you SHOULD be interested in organizing! People who are organized are getting the very best out of life. They are getting things done. They're not wasting time searching for lost items, or re-doing things, or missing appointments. They're finding the time they need to do the things they love!

What is the best way to get organized?

Experts in the organizing industry agree: there is no “best” or “right” way to get organized. There are many different personality types, work styles, and environmental influences, so it’s up to you to develop a system that works best for YOU. To figure out your style and how to achieve it, try MyOrganomics: just answer a couple questions and Smead will give you some ideas that might work well for you.

How long does it take to get organized?

Organization is a process, not a state achieved in one day. Think about it as "being organized" or "staying organized," not just "getting organized." The challenge is to continuously maintain and improve your organization day by day. The good news is that once you learn develop good habits and tools, being organized gets easier!

So no more excuses! You have the information, the space and the time to get organized. Take the first step and you will soon find discover how much you love being organized!

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