You Don’t Have to Be a Super Hero to Be Super Organized!

You Don’t Have to Be a Super Hero to Be Super Organized!

So here we are - another new year and another resolution to get organized. But where to start? For best results, the experts at Smead recommend starting small. You will be more likely to achieve your organizing goals if you break them down into bite-sized tasks that can be completed quickly. Take a tip from the Incredible Hulk: breaking huge boulders into a bunch of tiny rocks makes it much easier to clear them away!

Here are some of our favorite tips to help get you started:

Take Your Time!

Does "to infinity and beyond" describe the list of low-priority but always-present tasks you face every day? Block off at least one hour of time per day to tackle those tasks that you "never get around to." Treat it like you would any other meeting or appointment; close your door, turn off your phone and shut down your email. Trust me, the world will survive without you for an hour, and you will be amazed at how quickly those "to-do" items disappear!

"Supercharge" Your Communication

Write an agenda before making a phone call or attending a meeting. This will ensure that you cover all the information you need to share, as well as give you a written record of the notes you took for next steps or follow-up items. This also quickly and easily becomes a call/meeting summary that can be shared with all attendees, because even super heroes forget from time to time.

"Conquer" Your Filing

Create a filing system for your electronic documents that mirrors the one you have for paper. Create online and email folders with the same headings as your paper files. That way you will know exactly where to look for information, no x-ray vision required!

Involve Your "Sidekicks"

Batman had Robin at his side, so enlist your children as mini organizers-in-training. Place bins and boxes on lower shelves so that children can put away their toys. Label the bins and boxes to keep similar items together (i.e., books, blocks, cars/trucks). If your children are too young to read, use pictures instead!

Encourage your kids to choose their outfits and pack their school bags for the next day before they go to bed at night. The morning routine will run more smoothly if you’re not hunting for that misplaced library book!

Love Your Bat Cave (ok, it’s really a closet)

Go through your closet, and pull out everything you haven't worn in the last year. Unlike your super hero, clothes tend not to improve with age.

Hang similar items together (i.e., shirts, sweaters, jeans, dress slacks, skirts). If you have the luxury of ample closet space, you can break it into zones for work clothes, casual clothes and super hero disguises.

So don’t despair – help is on the way! Just slip on your mask, throw on your cape and conquer your mess with these quick and easy organizing ideas. We hope you find that being an organizing super hero is everything you’ve dreamed of!