Cutting Through The College Clutter

Cutting Through The College Clutter

Getting rid of clutter as you go through your college years is quite the project. As you go through years of moving to school and then moving back home there seems to be an ever growing amount of stuff accumulating every year.

This stuff comes in all shapes and sizes and includes everything from research papers to memorabilia collected from various events and activities you attended or participated in at college. We have divided the clutter into 3 topics for discussion below:

Getting rid of cluttering college memorabilia

  • Create a space in your room on top of a dresser or a large bulletin board to display the memorabilia.
  • As you go through the years slowly replace old memories with new ones.
    Maintenance Tip: When replacing an item decide the importance of it and have a box or bin to store these items in.

Getting rid of cluttering school papers

  • Sort through papers daily, tossing items you know aren’t needed for future reference.
    Set aside papers needing immediate response.
    Papers for later reference could include long-term school projects like reports or research for an upcoming course assignment. Store these important papers near your study area using either of these two methods:
    • Open file box – Choose colored files and label them by year.
    • 3-ring binder – Use tabs to designate different categories or subjects. Use dividers with pockets or sheet protectors to store smaller items or papers you don’t want to punch.
  • Maintenance Tip: Most homework assignments will eventually be tossed; however, ask yourself how likely is it that you would need to refer to this paper again. If you have certain papers you are especially proud of and if this is some of your best work ever done then hang on to it.

Getting rid of cluttering activity papers

  • If you’re involved in numerous activities at college, you’ll probably want to separate your paper information by activity such as Football, Fraternity or Choir.
    Binders or a hanging file system work great and make it easy to access information quickly and easily.
    Maintenance Tip: sort/purge your papers at season end as well as the end of each school year.

Create a weekly uncluttering time while in school. Messes and clutter are easier to deal with in small doses and letting it get out of hand only delays the inevitable fact that you need to clean it up someday.