6 Steps For Managing Voicemail and Email

6 Steps For Managing Voicemail and Email

Voicemail and email management is especially important in today’s fast paced work environment. You are pulled in enough directions without worrying about your voicemail and email management system and how it is working. The truth is that setting up a simple voicemail and email management system will help you reduce interruptions and increase productivity. Your boss will be so glad you found this article.

Interruptions are every day occurrences. They can be defined as anything that causes a person to stop his/her planned activity in order to respond to something else asking for their attention. At the office two common sources of interruptions are phone calls and email.

Research is showing that after dealing with an interruption it can take up to 20 minutes to return to the original task’s focus level prior to the interruption. Research is also showing more than 2 million emails are sent every second and many people open an email within six seconds of receiving it. See why a voicemail and email management system is so important?

So what’s the best way to work voicemail and email management into an already busy day?

  1. Recognize that not all email is urgent. It might be important but not urgent. And the sender doesn’t necessarily expect a response in seconds.
  2. Let your email management system (MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.) do some of the work for you. Take advantage of establishing rules which will pre-sort your emails into file folders for later attention.
  3. Use the voicemail feature of your phone when you need total uninterruptable time to focus on another project, making sure your voicemail informs callers when you’ll be available to return messages.
  4. Batch your work. Design specific times of the day to check your emails and voicemails. Check 3-5 times per day versus 40 times throughout your day. You will get more emails read and/or responded to in a 20 minute time period versus doing them one at a time throughout the day.
  5. Review the day’s priorities. At the beginning of your day, take a look at your Task List. What absolutely must get done today? Being aware of the “musts” will help you avoid getting lost in your email Inbox.
  6. Know your ROI. Most employees today admit that the time spent with their emails and voicemails is not where their productivity turns to profit. It’s usually time spent with clients, making a sale or creating a product. The Return On your Investment of time needs to pay off for you as well as your employer.

This is how a solid voicemail and email management system can help you throughout your day.

By: Audrey Thomas