Create a Filing Masterpiece with Smead Viewables® Labeling System

Create a Filing Masterpiece with Smead Viewables® Labeling System

Look and feel more organized with the Viewables color labeling system. Viewables helps you locate files faster by making your file headings easier to find. Vivid, color-coded labels transform your filing system into an efficient tool that improves office efficiency and makes your work easier.

It’s Right For You, No Matter How You File

Whether you use traditional file folders, hanging folders or virtually any filing supplies, Viewables labels can make your system work better. The PC software prints labels formatted for:

  • Hanging folder tabs
  • Standard folder tabs
  • Oversized tabs
  • End tabs for shelf filing.

Hang On, Viewables Means A Faster Hanging File System

The patented, three-sided Viewables tab for hanging folders lets you easily read file headings from the top, front and back. You can quickly find any folder, even when packed tightly together in the drawer. The large front of the tab gives your room for up to three lines of text.

A Perfect Fit For Everyone

Viewables labels fit your favorite tried-and-true traditional file folders, jackets or pockets. If you are using innovative new folder styles such as SuperTab® or FasTab®, you can add the benefits of Viewables to reach maximum performance in your filing system.

The Color Of Productivity

Adding color makes your filing system faster and easier to use. Viewables lets you add color-coded bands and a large colored initial character to the label. The colors help you find different sections of your filing system faster. Misfiled folders are virtually eliminated because the color change makes them stand out among the rest of the files.

Create The System That Works Best For You

The easy-to-use user interface lets you decide how to make the most of your filing system. Select the tab style, color codes, type fonts and text sizes that bring the most utility to your files. You can even print multiple label formats on the same sheet of labels in your ink-jet printer.

Viewables Is Smart, So You Look Smarter

Built-in features of the Viewables software save you set-up time and avoid wasting supplies. The program remembers which labels were used on the last sheet you printed, so you can print only what need without wasting any labels. A print preview lets you do a quick visual check before printing. Handy tools such as spell check and pre-typed label headings for common home and business filing systems will help save even more time when creating new files.

Faster, Faster, Faster

Bring the benefits of the Viewables labeling system to your filing system. It will save you time when creating new folders, filing records, and most importantly, when you need to find them.