Save Time and Reduce Stress with Out Guides

Save Time and Reduce Stress with Out Guides

Few things heighten stress at the office more than looking for something that should be in a file drawer and discovering that it’s not there. Where is it? Did it get misfiled, lost or thrown away? You start to panic as your mind goes through worst-case scenarios of what the implications are of not having the needed documents. Will you get in trouble with your boss, look bad to your customer or miss an important deadline? The time and cost it would take to recreate the file might be astronomical. The time you waste looking for the lost file is multiplied when you ask coworkers to help you find it. Productivity in the office grinds to a halt.

Get “Out” and Relax More

Maybe someone else is using the file that you want. But how would you know? A simple way to avoid all this confusion is to use out guides. An out guide serves as a place marker for files that have been removed from the filing system. If several people access the same records, using out guides will save hours of wasted time and frustration. Smead out guides have a highly visible tab that indicates that a file is currently out of the system. Whenever a file gets pulled from the drawer, an out guide is put in its place. Smead out guides are made of heavy manila stock or durable rigid vinyl.

Do More with “Out” Help

Besides letting you know that a file has been removed, out guides offers several additional benefits:

  1. Check-out forms on the out guide let you indicate who has the file, and when it will be returned.
  2. Out guides are reusable. Keep a supply at the front of the file drawer so they are handy when you need one.
  3. Out guides greatly reduce misfiled folders because they clearly mark where the file belongs.
  4. Vinyl out guides have pockets to hold materials that need to go in the checked-out file. Simply place the documents in the file when it is returned to the drawer.

Bring “Out” Efficiency in Your Office

You will be surprised at the difference using out guides can make to your office productivity. Not only will you and your coworkers spend less time looking for documents, you will also feel better because there is no need to panic when a folder is not in the drawer when you need it.