3 Principles of Organizing Travel Documents

3 Principles of Organizing Travel Documents

Having well organized travel information makes your trip less stressful. Here are some ideas for fast and easy access to your travel documents.

Follow these three principles for making your travel information easy to find:

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Capture information.
  3. Keep it organized.

Having travel information at your fingertips allows you to plan trips with less effort, and enjoy your travels more. Smead recommends using a Weekly Organizer to manage travel documents

Plan Ahead

  • Create a place for all of your travel information as soon as a trip is planned.
  • A trip file that travels with you eases much of the stress of traveling. Important trip documents are easily available while away, and a record of expenses is handy after you return.
  • Use a Weekly Organizer as your trip file.

Capture Information

  • Slash pocket dividers let you keep all of your travel documents organized by day of the week.
  • Place documents in a pocket divider for the day of the week you will need them. Keep tickets, lodging and rental documents in pockets for the days you will be traveling.
  • Put expense receipts in the pocket for the day you receive them.

Keep It Organized

  • Refer to your trip file for information during the trip.
  • When you return, review the documents in the file. Throw away information that is no longer needed. File any information you may need for future reference.
  • Process all expense documentation and submit for reimbursement or accounting.
  • Reuse the Weekly Organizer on your next trip.