Ideas For Organizing Your Budget Records

Ideas For Organizing Your Budget Records

A well-prepared budget is critical to the success of any initiative. Here are some ideas to help you organize budgeting paperwork.

Follow these three principles when organizing your budget information:

  1. Break it down.
  2. Summarize and evaluate.
  3. Monitor and compare.

You’ll have a greater likelihood of meeting your goals when you have taken the time to plan a workable budget. we recommend using a Colored Expanding File to organize budget records.

Break it Down

  • Separate budgets into categories to make estimating easier.
  • Make realistic predictions of required resources for each category.
  • Create spreadsheets to capture budget details. Use the calculating functions for accuracy and to make it easier to adjust the budget.

Summarize and Evaluate

  • Organize budget details so they can be summarized by category and time period.
  • Analyze the results of your predictions. Make adjustments where needed.
  • Print out summary and category detail reports. Staple the summary to the front of the detail pages. Use a Colored Expanding File to organize budget reports for an entire year. The dividers keep reports separated by month and quarter.
  • Keep the budget file in a file drawer with the flap open. Close the flap when transporting the file.

Monitor and Compare

  • Review the budget regularly to compare actual figures with your budget predictions.
  • Print periodic summary reports. File in the appropriate section of the expanding file.
  • Make adjustments if actual figures vary from budget expectations. Submit for approval if needed.