Staying On Track with To Do Lists

Staying On Track with To Do Lists

Daily distractions make it hard to get the real priority work done. Here are some ideas to help you focus on what should be done first.

Follow these three principles when organizing To-Do now items:

  1. Capture.
  2. Centralize.
  3. Prioritize.

Now you can get to work fully confident that you’re doing the most important things in the right order. One easy organizing solution is to use Colored Slash Jackets in a desktop rack.


  • Write down each task you want to accomplish today on a To-Do Now list.
  • Make a hard copy of any communication that initiates a task. Print out email correspondence and write down voicemail message information. Make a copy of any meeting notes that define tasks. Jot a quick note for tasks that are assigned verbally.
  • Place that information with any materials needed to complete that To-Do Now item.


  • Keep the materials for each To-Do Now item in a Colored Slash Jacket. Put the page that defines the task in front so it is visible in the slash pocket.
  • Position the jackets in a desktop wire rack on your desk where you can easily see it.


  • Assign a priority to each item on the To-Do Now list.
  • Choose the color of the Slash Jacket based on the priority of the task. Use red for the most urgent, yellow for second priority, etc.
  • Arrange the Slash Jackets in the rack by priority, putting the most urgent items in the front.
  • Work on tasks in their order of priority. Only one jacket should be on your desk at a time. If you get interrupted, put task materials back in the jacket and place it at the front of the rack.