[PODCAST] 129: How to Assassinate Inefficiency

Certified Professional Organizer Helene Segura discusses inefficiency and the small thing we can do to try to eliminate your wasted time.

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1:55 Tips for being efficient with your calendar

2:45 Making time in your calendar for unexpected breaks

3:30 Checking off tasks on your calendar

5:00 Is Helene a digital or paper person?

6:00 The process for using both digital and paper.

6:51 Don’t feel compelled to use one way vs. another

9:25 Things to do outside of the calendar to be more efficient

11:00 Email time saving tricks

12:25 The psychological hang up with emails

14:25 The challenges of paper and productivity

16:00 Helene’s new book and how to get a hold of it

Helene's Website:  www.LivingOrderSA.com