[PODCAST] 123: How to be an Effective Networker

Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont tells us how to be "present" when networking and what mistakes to avoid.

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1:40 Are people trained to network?

2:35 The stereotypical networker and what Debbie thinks of it

2:55 The first type of networker: Card Pushing Cathy

4:00 Another type of networker: Successful Sally

5:40 How many people does the average person know?

6:45 Building relationships during networking

7:35 Working time management into networking and justifying your time

8:15 Goals for networking and what are your strategies

9:11 Learn about the organization you will be networking at

14:05 Big tip for networking: be present

15:10 Body language

15:52 Strategies for ending conversations

17:20 Managing time sensitive situations

18:30 Debbie’s strategy for follow up

21:45 The most important thing in networking

Debbie's Website:  www.SimplyPlaced.com