Smead SafeSHIELD® Coated Fastener Technology

The Feel-Good Solution for Your Documents and Fingers™

There's a good feeling that's spreading in busy offices everywhere. It's because of the unique SafeSHIELD® coated fasteners only from Smead. You'll know the instant you touch it that using fastener folders and classification folders will never be the same.

Smead's SafeSHIELD® Coated Fastener Technology is the ultimate solution to fastener issues, including pesky paper tears, nasty finger cuts, and excessive fastener crinkling. Bonding on the inner surface prevents desktop scratches and clothing snags.

The choice is simple. Expect more from your fasteners.

SafeSHIELD Coated Fastener Technology

SafeSHIELD® is available on many of your favorite Smead products.

PressGuard® Classification Folders With SafeSHIELD® Fasteners
Clasification folders
Fastener Folders with SafeSHIELD® Fasteners
Pressboard Fastener Folders with SafeSHIELD® Fasteners
Pressboard folders
End Tab Fastener Folders with Shelf-Master® Reinforced Tab and SafeSHIELD® Fasteners
End tab folders