Smead Easy Grip® Pockets

Get a grip on heavy files with Smead Easy Grip.

Easy Grip® Pockets are designed with a special "grip strip" to provide twice as much grip as a standard pocket. They require less gripping force and strain to pick up out of drawers or to pull off shelves.

  • Twice as much grip as a standard pocket
  • Easy to pick up or pull off shelf
  • Ideal for bulky legal or accounting files
  • 30% recycled post-consumer material
Easy Grip™ Pockets

Patented SmeadGrip® Technology
Patented SmeadGrip® Technology

Easy Grip Pockets come in a variety of styles and handy sizes. Click to learn more.

Easy Grip® File Pockets
Variety of sizes
Full-Height File Pockets with Easy Grip®
Full height sides
Secure File Pockets with Easy Grip®
Secure file