ETS Color-Coded Month Labels - Sheets

Smead ETS Color-Coded Month Label 67451, January, Label Sheet, Dark Green

Item No. 67451

Indicate when a file was created or signal when a file should be destroyed or moved to inactive storage by coding end tab folders with these labels. Color coding makes it easy to locate all folders with the same date.

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ColorQtyDescriptionItem No 
4January - Dark Green67451 
4February - Purple67452 
4March - Light Blue67453 
4April - Brown67454 
4May - Black67455 
4June - Gray67456 
4July - Red67457 
4August - Yellow67458 
4September - Pink67459 
4October - Orange67460 
4November - Lavender67461 
4December - Light Green67462 
250 Labels Per Pack, 4 Packs Per Box.


ColorQtyDescriptionItem No 
 1Desk Assortment Model67450 
250 Each of Months January thru December, Packed in a Reusable Box.


ColorQtyDescriptionItem No 
ETS Color-Coded Year Labels
42013 - Purple67913 
42014 - Orange67914 
42015 - Brown67915 
42016 - Green67916 
42017 - Gray67917 
42018 - Red67918New Product 
42019 - Black67919New Product 
42020 - Yellow67920New Product 

Self-adhesive products have a limited shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place. Press firmly when applying.

Straight-Line Filing Smead Straight-Line Filing compatible product
Dimensions: 1" W x 1/2" H
Color: Dark Green
Qty Per Box: 4
Qty Per Carton: 100
Made In: Made in the USA Made in the USA
Usage: Shelf Filing
Stock No: ETS-JAN
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