Technology to Keep You Organized

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Certified Professional Organizer Deb Lee discusses how technology can help keep you organized.

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01:08 The one app Deb can’t live without

01:43 The app that comes in as a close seond

02:25 iPhone or Android (or even Blackberry)?

03:20 The ins and outs of calendar apps

04:41 How tasks and calendar entries work together

05:48 Deb shares her task management secrets

06:35 The Trello app and what it does

07:50 A rule to live by in the app world

08:30 How Deb would set up a new client

12:55 A virtual answer to a question about garage space

13:55 A killer app that can help business owners with productivity

15:00 The task management app Deb recommends

15:55 Paper management: Deb’s theory on scanning vs. keeping hard files

17:40 Deb’s dream app

Apps Mentioned:

Google Calendar




Deb Lee is a Certified Professional Organizer and productivity specialist in the Washington, DC Metro area, and the founder of where she helps entrepreneurs make sense of small business tech tools.

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