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The OrgaWiki
The OrgaWiki
Brainhanding (v. )The act of writing ones tasks, to-dos and reminders on one’s hand.
Clickets (n.) The sound of dozens of computer mouses being used in an office. Usually noticed during periods of silence.
Clip-Clump (n.) A tangled mess of paper clips.
Company Complainer Person that always has a negative thing to say about another person or department
Crinkle-Stop (v.) Accidentally rolling your desk chair half way onto a paper document.
Day Bandit (n.) Coworker or colleague that appears in your office out and stay for 30 minutes or longer to talk. Day Bandits are impervious to all hints that you’re busy and don’t have time to chat about funny YouTube videos.
Debit Bleaching (v.) When receipts are left out all year and the lettering fades past readability.
Drink Brigade (n.) A collection of more than two old beverage containers on your desk.
Keyboard Buffet A collection of crumbs and other food based particles that have fallen between the keys of your keyboard. Carbon dating may be required depending on tenure.
Lazy Walker Person who walks around as if their shoes are about to fall off; makes a loud 'clumping' noise
Me, myself, and I Worker that references themselves instead of 'we', 'us', or the company name ("I have plenty to offer you from our company stock")
Meeting Remoras (n.) An office worker who attends a meeting just so they can mooch free food.
Prairie Dogging Putting both hands on the top of a cubicle wall and peering over the top to chat with a co-worker.
Projectitis To many projects that you break out in a rash
Pulp Bog (n.) Soggy, soppy mess that results from spilling a beverage on a cluttered desk.
Refill Fairy (n.) Magical being who keeps the water cooler, coffee pots, toner, and paper trays full. (Because you know you never do it.)
Sleep Walker Person who comes to work each day with their eyes half open and yawns throughout the morning
Stuffitis The action of stuffing your stuff in the most convenient drawer possible vs organizing or purging it. This works until the drawers are all full at which point you ask for a new file cabinet.
Super Squeaker Person who has a pair of shoes that squeak when making contact with the vinyl tiles in a work place; you can hear them coming from down the hallway
Tab Cramping (v.) Jamming the last few letters together because you didn’t allow yourself enough room at the end of a folder tab.
Telepentation (v.) Ability of pens to seemingly disappear at will.
Vortax (n.) Seasonal phenomenon when conditions of intense pressure cause tax receipts, forms, and documents to swirl out of control.
Well Babies (n.) Debris found at the bottom of a pen cup. (See also Ink Well Dwellers)
Whatwuzit's A point in time when you find yourself with your palms in the air saying "What was it I was going to do!?"