Smead Organomics Name Game
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Organomics Pop Quiz
Organomics Pop Quiz

Answer each of the following 14 questions below then click "Score Quiz."

1. A Meeting Remora is interested in:

2. Minimum amount of beverage containers required to form a Drink Brigade:

3. Leaving old receipts on your desk too long could lead to _________.

4. Writing memos on your hand is called Brainhanding.
5. Tab Cramping is:

6. To be considered a Day Bandit, how long must a co-worker stay in your office annoying you?

7. What does a Refill Fairy keep full?

8. Dave spilled his energy drink all over my desk and it formed a ________.

9. Vortaxes are more likely to form in what month?

10. If you hit a paper document on the floor while rolling in your chair, you’ve just done a:

11. Clickets are a sound made by:

12. You might find ___________ in the bottom of your pen cup.

12. A tangled mess of paper clips is called a Chakra?
14. The ability of pens to seemingly disappear at will is known as: