Quick ways to solve common organizing challenges.
An efficient filing system for your shared office records makes it easy for people to work together and get more done.

What is Your Biggest Challenge With Your Records?
Select the issue below that best describes the reason you want a better filing system.
(Choose one)
Out Of File Storage Space
• Our number of records has grown and we are running out of space in our filing area.
• Changes in our office space have resulted in less room available for storing files.

Lost or Misplaced Files
• Our staff wastes too much time looking for files that are not where they are supposed to be.
• Missing records are causing problems with our workflow and ability to serve our customers.

Regulations or Security Requirements
• We need to change our records management practices to comply with legal requirements.
• Our policies or procedures have changed and we need to modify how we use our files.

Moving to a New Location
• Our company or department is relocating, providing an opportunity to improve our filing system.
• We want to move our records storage area to improve office efficiency and access to our files.

Disorganized Workflow
• We want to improve our workgroup efficiency and reduce processing time.
• Our employees need faster access to records in order to do their jobs well.

Create, Merge or Combine Departments
• We need to update an “inherited” filing system that is no longer effective.
• We’ve consolidated workgroups and need to combine their records into one efficient system.